About Us

ABC is a Natural Premium Artesian Alkaline Water producer and bottling company. Avita is sourced from our protected and preserved aquifer located in Michigan’s Au Sable Forest. We produce a healthy, eco-socially responsible product that meets the requirements for certification for any state in which the product is to be distributed. Additionally, our Natural Premium Artesian Alkaline Water is a 3-time winner of the prestigious award for taste from Berkeley Springs International Water Tastings.

Our Mission

Avita is committed to bringing the best quality, ultra-pure, natural artesian alkaline water product to our consumers around the world while increasing their awareness of the benefits of our product as an essential component of a healthy lifestyle.

aquiferThe Source

What is an Artesian Aquifer?

An artesian aquifer is a confined aquifer containing groundwater under positive pressure.

The pressure then causes the water level in the underground well to rise to a point where the pressure is equal to the weight of water putting it under pressure.


The Avita Artesian Aquifer & Natural Filtration

Untouched by human hands, Avita is a twin source that has been flowing continuously for over 60 years at a constant temperature of 44 degrees Fahrenheit. The mineral-rich, alkaline water flows from an inclined aquifer that is naturally filtered by very porous glacial sand. The artesian aquifer is several hundred feet deep providing a fortified barrier to environmental contaminants from the world above, like runoff and animal waste. Avita’s Aquifer is protected and bottled at the source to be the highest quality water product available in the market today.

Artesian Water vs. Spring Water

The main difference between Artesian Water vs. Spring Water is that Artesian Water is confined and protected, formed by a fortified barrier of layers of rock and sediments, against contamination, runoff and animal waste. Spring water is exposed to all of these elements which then require alteration of the water contents by filtration and other processes to make it safe for consumption.

Our Geography

Avita’s water is sourced from our aquifer in Roscommon, MI.

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